Ryan & Mark featured on Joe Fairless Best Ever Real Estate Podcast

Aerial’s managing partners were recently interviewed by Joe Fairless on the Best Ever Real Estate Investing Advice. They share about different asset classes they’ve invested in and how some of these asset classes act in a recession as well as doing a deeper dive on the fund’s structure and some advantages to investing through a fund as compared to individual deals.

Give this a listen if you want to learn a little more!

Investing in a Recession Resistant Fund to Protect from Future Downturns with Ryan Andrews and Mark Khuri.

Most of us know by now that our national real estate market is cyclical. With that in mind, Ryan and Mark have created a fund for investors as well as themselves to get conservative returns, while also growing the fund. We’ll hear about what assets they invest in and what they look for with potential deal. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


Best Ever Tweet:

“A lot of investors today read the PPM but don’t really think about what is the senior debt? Debt in a recession is what gets everyone in trouble” – Ryan Andrews & Mark Khuri


Ryan Andrews & Mark Khuri Real Estate Backgrounds:

  • Founders and managers of Aerial Investment Management.

  • In 2018, they launched the Recession Resistant Fund. A diversified real estate fund for passive investors targeting asset classes that are designed to perform through a recession or a volatile market cycle.

  • Fund has invested in 7-10 deals as an equity partner

  • Based in Bend, OR

  • Best Ever Book: When Genius Failed