Recession Resistant Fund


Cash flowing.
Recession Resistant.

16-22% average ROI

5-10 year investment term

$50k minimum investment


now is the time to reduce risk

invest in commercial real estate with a low correlation to market volatility

Learn more about recession resistant asset classes and how to access exclusive commercial real estate investment opportunities.


Launched in 2018, The Recession Resistant Fund is aimed at reducing risk and generating investor income through a recession.

Our portfolio of 27 properties across 9 states consists of Mobile Home Parks, Self Storage Facilities, and Workforce Apartments in strategically picked locations. The Fund is currently open to new investors.

16-22% average annual ROI
5-10 year investment term
$50,000 minimum investment for accredited investors

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The US is 9 years into the second longest economic expansion in US history.

The US is also in an affordable housing crisis.

These realities create an opportunity for investors. This is the strategy of the Recession Resistant Real Estate Fund.

Managed by seasoned real estate investors and sons of physicians Mark Khuri and Ryan Andrews.

The fund invests in value-add:
- Mobile home parks
- Self-storage facilities
- Workforce apartment communities
Provides investors with passive income and immediate diversification.