Cash flowing.
Recession Resistant.

The Recession Resistant Fund is aimed at reducing risk and generating investor income through a recession by investing in strategically selected, cash flowing, value-add real estate.


Management Track Record

Invested in 200+ real estate deals across numerous asset classes

Managed 5 investment funds

25 years cumulative experience in real estate investing

Investment Philosophy

Income generating properties only

Seek value-add opportunities for appreciation

Scrutinize the location, debt structure, operating team, local economy

Real Estate Assets

Mobile home parks, self-storage facilities, workforce apartment communities

Over 25 properties across 8 states

Best-in-class local operators manage day-to-day operations


Management Team

Aerial Investment Management was founded in Bend, Oregon in 2018 with the specific goal of creating funds and investment vehicles that cater to the long-term, passive, real estate investor and are designed for today’s uncertain economic environment. The managers bring extensive experience to the organization having invested in hundreds of real estate projects across the spectrum of different types of real estate and managed numerous investment funds.

The Managers also bring a nationwide network of long-term relationships with local best-in-class real estate operators that execute on the day-to-day operations of the real estate investments. These relationships often provide access to exclusive investment opportunities or investment terms that exceed what individual investors typically have access to without a professionally managed fund.