Invest in a diversified, institutional-grade real estate portfolio that is prepared for a recession with 16-22% returns


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We are very proud to say we have achieved our initial goals for our Fund and will be closing the Recession Resistant Fund to new investors in August 2019!

To date we have invested in 6 opportunities including both individual asset deals and portfolios. Of these 6 investments, 5 have been with repeat operating partners that we have previous investment experience with.

Investors in our Fund have ownership in 30 properties across 12 states and our assets are performing consistent with pro-forma projections.

We also plan to add a few more investments to the fund before we close the fund.



When we created our fund, we set specific investment goals we wanted to achieve including:

  • Providing investors with significant diversification across asset classes, regions and operating partners

  • Invest in opportunities with an low/inverse correlation to the market

  • Select investments that provide immediate income + a strong long-term value-add strategy creating a very attractive risk vs reward opportunity

  • Build a portfolio over 6-10 months, investing in 7-10 deals that provide investors with 16-22% average annual ROI over 5-10 years